Ylli Conti and Jose Mendoza winners of Escape the Barriers

Escape the Barriers was an online scape-room promoted by the Gender Equality Committee at ICMAB.

Panic spreads at ICMAB, many laboratories are locked and nobody seems to have the keys to open them. Everybody starts suspecting about the Gender Equality Committee members: they behave strangely and 11F is near. Moreover, they have spread virtual notes around the building. Don’t worry, you will soon receive a link to help restore the order and continue your research work.

This was the sarting point of the online scape-room ” Escape the Barriers” that Ylli and Jose were able to be the firsts to solve!! For that reason, last week they were awarded with the first price recieveing a sweeter and a diploma!

Amanda Muñoz, as represenative of the ICMAB Gender Equality Commettee, delivering the first prize award to Ylli and Jose.
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