Marta Sanz Lleó

Marta Sanz Lleó Marta Sanz Lleó is Chemistry researcher in Eurecat technology center with experience in optoelectronic devices. She is currently pursuing her PhD under supervision Dr. Mariano Campoy in collaboration with Eurecat. Her work is focused on

Nabil Abomailek Rubio

Nabil Abomailek Rubio Email: nabil.abomailek@e-campus.uab.cat Nabil is a chemist who is currently working on his master’s thesis in nanotechnology under the supervision of Dr. Leonardo Scarabelli and Dr. Luis Alberto Pérez. He is working on the

Easter Egg

Congrats! You found the lost experiment of infinite success! 🙂 May the good luck accompany you in your experiments from now on, and may the referees be merciful on your soul!