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  • Catalan television TV3 shows our laboratories and interviews Mariano Campoy-Quiles and his research team on the topic of thermoelectrics. 

Our paper on Predicting the photocurrent–composition dependence in organic solar cells has been highlighted in:





  • CSIC interview to Mariano Campoy-Quiles, regarding the ERC Proof of concept recently obtained to develop thermoelectric generators for wireless sensor applications. (07/08/2020)

Our paper on Patterning of organic semiconductors using “molecular gates” has been higlighted in:




Our paper on Ferroelectricity free lead halide perovskite has been highlighted in:




Our paper on Farming thermoelectric paper has been highlighted in:


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Our paper on High throughput screening of organic materials for photovoltaic applications has been highlighted in:




Our paper nano structuring cellulose published recently in Nature photonics has been highlighted in:




Our paper designing mini spectrometers has been highlighted in:







Our paper about  Semiconductor Superabsorbers VIS-NIR