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Mariano Campoy explains the ORGEVINE project in this new video from ICMAB

Mariano shows the latest advances in the ORGEVINE project, acronym for  “ORganic thermoelectric GEnerators to power precision VIticulture sensor NEtworks"  ...
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Our research group has a new Youtube Channel

Nanopto jumps on the bandwagon of using one the most popular techniques for scientific outreach: Youtube ...
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Martí Gibert becomes a ‘Youtuber’ for a day in the “Science Truck”

Martí Gibert, PhD of our group, participated on Friday, 8 November 2019, on the YouTube Science Truck programme ...
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Learn how to manufacture organic solar cells with thickness gradients

Paula Pamies has edited a video in which the process of fabrication or organic solar cells with thickness gradients is ...
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Will organic thermoelectrics get hot?

Organics thermoelectrics have experienced an impressive development over the last years. However, there are still some open questions about the ...
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¡Atención! Depredadores de la ciencia. Te contamos por qué son peligrosos y cómo combatirlos

Mariano Campoy Quiles ha publicado un artículo en el Blog del CSIC sobre la proliferación de editoriales de revistas y ...
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Image magnification just using laser and water drop (Garcia-Pomar, spanish)

Juan Luis Garcia-Pomar et al. wrote for Opt. Pura Apl. by the International Year of Light 2015 ...
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Put me a lettuce, a sofa and two solar panels, please (Campoy, spanish)

Mariano Campoy-Quiles wrote this divulgative article for Materia in 2013 when Ikea started to sell solar panels in UK. The ...
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Solar cells based on polymeric semiconductors (Campoy-Quiles, spanish)

In this article, Dr. Campoy explains how an organic solar cell works, the technical limitations and future outlook for organic ...
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Will photovoltaic technology play an important role in Spain’s energy future? (Campoy-Quiles, spanish)

The answer to this question is not easy but we have reasons to be optimistic about photovoltaic energy in Spain ...
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Nanopto at Setmana de la Ciència

Some of our group members participated at the Setmana de la Ciència on the 17th of November ...
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Dr. Alejandro Goñi participated at La Ciència a les escolas

Dr. Alejandro Goñi gave a disseminar talk in the framework of ‘La Ciència a les escolas’ ...
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Nanopto at Expominer

Some of the Nanopto group members participted at Expominer ...
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Nanopto participated at Scolab

Last Friday we had the visit of more than 25 students from IES Consell de Cent (Barcelona) ...
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Antonio Sanchez showed how to manufacture solar cells

Our Post-doc Antonio Sanchez partipated at the outreach activity Bojos per la Ciència ...
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Enrique and Cristiano participated at Festa de la Ciència 2017

During the last weekend, two of our PhD students participated at the Barcelona Science festival 2017 ...
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  • CSIC interview to Mariano Campoy-Quiles, regarding the ERC Proof of concept recently obtained to develop thermoelectric generators for wireless sensor applications. (07/08/2020)

Our paper on Patterning of organic semiconductors using “molecular gates” has been higlighted in:




Our paper on Ferroelectricity free lead halide perovskite has been highlighted in:




Our paper on Farming thermoelectric paper has been highlighted in:


Newspapers and journals


Our paper on High throughput screening of organic materials for photovoltaic applications has been highlighted in:




Our paper nano structuring cellulose published recently in Nature photonics has been highlighted in:




Our paper designing mini spectrometers has been highlighted in:







Our paper about  Semiconductor Superabsorbers VIS-NIR












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