NANOPTO group celebrates “Sant Martí”

After the usual Thursday group meeting, our group has celebrated Sant Martí with an special rainbow bread

This Thursday 4th of November is a special day in Catalonia since it its “Sant Martí” , the saint day of people called Martí. In our group we have celebrated it with a special coloured and flavoured bread made by PhD students Miquel Casademont and Martí Gibert, who presented his actual work on rainbow architectures. The bread consisted in 7 colours with different flavours. Here is the list of the different colors and flavours: 

One slice of the rainbow bread.

Purple: Raisins
Deep blue: Parmesano (cheese)
Light blue: Truffle
Green: Oregano
Yellow: Curry
Orange: Chorizo
Red: Backgroud bread flavour






Miquel (left) and Martí (right) eating their creation.
Nanopto group having breakfast with the rainbow bread after the group meeting.
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