Enrique and Cristiano participated at Festa de la Ciència 2017

During the last weekend, two of our PhD students participated at the Barcelona Science festival 2017 (Festa de la Ciència 2017) hosted in the Parc de la Ciutadella (Barcelona). Enrique and Cristiano gave 20-min-divulgative talks about their PhD research.

  • Enrique Pascual: How solar cells work? (‘Com és una cèl.lula solar?). Firstly, he explained how light is transformed into electricity and how we consume electric light at home. Furthermore, he presented the manufacturing procedure for silicon solar cells.  And finally, he showed polymer-based solar cells as alternative technology due to its intrinsic features such as transparency and low-weight. (TranspEnergy project)
  • Cristiano Matricardi with Begoña Buades: Photonic crystals (Cristalls fotònics). Starting from the light-matter interaction, they explained the properties of photonic crystals highlighting the importance of having periodic structures in the order of magnitude of the wavelength of light. The last part of the talk was about the main application of photonic crystals. (ENLIGHTMENT project)

More info about talks (in catalan)

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