How to speed-up the discovery and optimization of organic photovoltaic materials?

A new paper in Energy Environ. Sci. reviews the emerging field of computational and experimental high-throughput of organic solar cell materials and the concomitant advent of artificial intelligence in the field.


There is worldwide trend in materials science research and discovery that involves the production and computer-aided analysis of large bodies of data points from which patterns can be identified and future developments guided. This review, by Xabier Rodríguez, Enrique Pascual and Mariano Campoy-Quiles, present the latest advances in high-throughput experiments used to accelerate materials discovery and device optimization and the advanced statistical and artificial intelligence (AI) used in this field to study the data generated and extract hidden patterns towards the quest for organic solar cells optimization.


For further reading check out the ICMAB webpage new and read the open acces review.


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