Juan Sebastian Reparaz obtained the “Extraordinary PhD Award”

Dr. Juan S. Reparaz obtained his Diploma in Physics in 2002 at the “Instituto Balseiro” (San C. de Bariloche, Argentina), after which he obtained a Master degree in the same discipline and institution. During this period his research activities focused mainly on “Vortex dynamics in the Josephson junction arrays”. During his PhD thesis he focused mainly on “High Hydrostatic Pressure Effects on Semiconductor Nanostructures”. In particular, he investigated Si1-xGex alloys, Ge/Si quantum dots, CdSe quantum dots, InGaAs/As superlattices, and pressure dependence of vibrational modes in ZnO substrates. Recently, his main research lines are: i) Optical investigation of semiconductor nanowires and, ii) SiGe alloys as feasible candidates for piezoresistive sensors. To date he has published 26 articles in high impact international journals such as Advanced Functional Materials, Applied Physics Letters, and Physical Review B.

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