kick-off meeting of the nanoTHERM CONSOLIDER-INGENIO 2010

The project “Tailoring electronic and phononic properties of nanomaterials: towards ideal thermoelectricity” – nanoTHERM started on December 27th 2010 and will run for five years. Its main objective is to develop new nanostructures of organic, inorganic and hybrid materials to achieve high performance in thermoelectric materials by understanding the hierarchy of factors that lead to improvements in the TE properties of these various nanostructures. Nine groups participate in the project coordinated by Prof. C.M.Sotomayor-Torres from the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (ICN). Our group at ICMAB is lead by Prof. A.R. Goñi who coordinates the WP on inorganic and hybrid materials. Other participants are from LEITAT, UAB, UPC, UVAL, EHU, CENIM, and IMM-CSIC.


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