Mariano Campoy co-organizes photovoltaic Summer School at ICFO

The next ICFO School on the Frontiers of Light will take place from 2-6 July 2018 on Emerging Photovoltaics.

Dr. Mariano Campoy is in the organizing committee of ICFO School on the Frontiers of Light together with Prof. Jordi Martorell (ICFO), Prof. Gerasimos Konstantatos (ICFO), Prof. Valerio Pruneri (ICFO) and Dr. Robert Sewell (ICFO).

Emerging solar cell technologies will play a key role in energy generation, and advanced technologies such as electrical vehicles, zero emission buildings, wearables or a new generation of smart devices. Harnessing energy from the sun is a rather complex interdisciplinary challenge that has been based on advances made both in material and photonic sciences.

This course, co-organized by researchers from ICFO and ICMAB, and delivered by leading international experts, will introduce the fundamentals of photovoltaic energy conversion both from an electronic as well as photonic point of view and will emphasize on the interplay of photonics with recombination and loss mechanisms, within the framework of the device physics for emerging photovoltaic cells. Recent advances in specific emerging PV technologies will be presented as case studies, in particular perovskite, organic and quantum dot solar cells.

The school includes advanced lectures, lab tours, research seminars, group discussion sessions covering cutting-edge topics in research and industry, and is ideally designed for master-level and first year PhD students.

For more info and registration visit the webpage:


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