Molecular Gate S.L., new ICMAB-CSIC and BeAble Capital spin-off.

Molecular Gate S.L. aims to become a key player in the anti-counterfeiting industry, particularly in the health sector. The cost-effective security technology developed by the company will ensure the authenticity of pharmaceutical products using smart optical printed elements on the products.



How would you ensure that the medicine you buy is not fake? Currently, a very large fraction of medicines sold worldwide are counterfeit. These include false products obtained from fraudulent online retailers, diluted drugs and medicines with altered composition, or even pills whose authenticity cannot be traced once the package is removed. All of these constitute an important health risk for consumers and patients.

Can you imagine a way to ensure that these medical products are authentic?

The new spin-off, Molecular Gate S.L, created by researchers Mariano Campoy-Quiles and Aleksandr Perevedentsev from the NANOPTO group at Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), aims to provide a range of unique and cost-effective security solutions for the pharmaceutical market, which will help to verify the authenticity of products such as vaccines, and ensure their proper handling during storage and transportation. Researchers envisage that the technology “will not only enable straightforward visual and machine-readable verification, but will also be near-impossible to counterfeit by alternative methods”.

Learn more about the spin-off at ICMAB webpage.



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