Nanopto at Spring Meeting 2017 EMRS

Nanopto leaves its mark at the 2017 Spring Meeting organized by European Material Research Society (EMRS) which was held in Strasburg  from May 22 to 26, 2017. 6 group members participated in the conference with contributions in symposia C, E, H, L, M, and N covering a wide range of topics, includinig photonics, thermoelectrics, photovoltaics and materials processing. Please visit the EMRS web for full abstracts of each contribution.



  • Mariano Campoy-Quiles : Two invited talks entitled ‘Polymer/Carbon nanotube composites for thermoelectrics’ (M.XI.1) and ‘Combinatorial processing of organic photovoltaic materials for ultrafast performance evaluation’ (L.1.7)
  • Alejandro Goñi: Talk ‘Fabrication of thermoelectric far-infrared sensors based on SiGe membranes’ (H.10.2)
  • Juan Luis Garcia: Talk ‘Nanostructured high dielectric semiconductor ultrathin films with enhanced broadband absorption in the visible and NIR regime’ (E.XII.4)
  • Bernhard Dörling: Talk ‘Controlled Pinning of Conjugated polymer Spherulites’ (L.1.2)
  • Xabier Rodriguez-Martínez: Poster entitled ‘Large-area imaging of film thickness and composition in OPV blends by Raman scattering’. (C.13.5)
  • Pau Molet: Poster: ‘Thin Film Germanium Photonic Architectures Exhibiting Enhanced Absorption from VIS to NIR Frequencies’ (N.15.53)
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