Nanopto participated at EMTECH Seville

Two of Nanopto members participated at  Research Workshop Fundamental Processes in Perovskite and Thin Film Solar Cells which was held in the Insititute of Material Science of Seville from 2nd to 3rd of October 2017.



The workshop provided an excellent opportunity to attend talks from the main expert within Perovskite field. Additionally, this workshop facilitated the participation of young researchers giving  short talks about their results.


During the discussion sessions, some topics were discussed in more detailed and from a transversal view point. These included electronic and ionic transport, approaches to avoid hysteresis, encapsulation to avoid degradation or relationship between deposition technique with high efficiency devices.


Nanopto actively participated in this workshop with an invited talk by Dr. Alejandro Goñi, and contributed talks by , Enrique Pascual. They presented topics varying from fundamental study of Raman Spectroscopy of dynamic disorder and the vibrational spectra of perovskites and a theoretical tool to predict and tune color in thin film solar cell technologies.


More information about the workshop here.

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