New PhD graduate: Dr. Pau Molet

Doctor Pau Molet from the Nanostructured Materials for Optoelectronics and Energy Harvesting (NANOPTO) group at ICMAB, defended his PhD thesis titled “Managing light in optoelectronic devices with resonant optical nanostructures” on Friday, 18 June 2021 in an online session. Congrats!

phd pau molet 3

Find here the ICMAB interview to Dr. Pau Molet after her PhD defend!



The aim of this thesis is to develop nanostructured devices for light management using scalable nanostructuring methods. We mainly use soft nanoimprint lithography (NIL) as structuration method, a technique capable to nanostructure a wide range of materials with high fidelity, rapidity, cleanroom-free and at a low cost. NIL is used to fabricate our own photonic designs for light managing, including superabsorbers, metamaterials, light harvesting devices and light emitting platforms, always trying to keep an applicative point of view. We provide the key aspects for their correct design, such as the main photonic aspects to take into account, the proper materials and features to use, as well as the fabrication methodologies and the characterization of the optically enhanced devices.


  • Agustín Mihi, NANOPTO group, ICMAB, CSIC

PhD Committee:

  • President: Jordi Martorell, ICFO
  • Secretary: Gervasi Herranz, MULFOX group, ICMAB, CSIC
  • Vocal: Esther Alarcón, AMOLF


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