New PhD Graduate: Mayte Gomez

Nanopto has a new graduate,  this time is the turn of Dra. Mayte Gómez. Congratulations! Dra. Mayte has defended with merits her thesis named “Optical metamaterials: Design, up-scalable fabrication and characterization“. We extend the congratulations to his supervisors prof. Agustin Mihi, from ICMAB-CSIC in Barcelona, and prof. Serge Rabaine, from the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CRPP) in Bordeaux.


The thesis was defended partially remotely by videoconference, this is the third time in our group!. Science does not stop and we are adapting to the new circumstances. Great job Mayte.



Metamaterials are artificially structured materials, thoroughly designed for achieving electromagnetic properties not observed in nature such as the negative refractive index. The purpose of this thesis is the development of up-scalable optical metamaterials that can be easily incorporated into actual devices. By combining colloidal lithography and electrodeposition, we report an entirely bottom-up fishnet metamaterial made of gold and air layers. A proper theoretical and experimental design gives rise to tunable refractive index, from positive to negative values in the near infrared. This structure is extended to multilayered fishnet metamaterials made by nanoimprint lithography and electrodeposition. We thoroughly analyze the optical response of the structures, which lead to strong negative index from the visible to near infrared. Their performance as optical sensors is studied when infiltrating different liquids through the air cavities. These techniques are used to fabricate nanostructured metallic substrates for studying the collective spontaneous emission of fluorescent molecules.



Agustin Mihi, NANOPTO Group, ICMAB-CSIC
Serge Rabaine,Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CRPP)



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