Characterization of the Thermoelectric Power Factor


Custom-built setup to measure Seebeck coefficient and sheet resistance of thin-film samples.

– The sheet resistance is determined using the van der Pauw method, by measuring all permutations of 4-point resistances between the sample corners.

– The Seebeck coefficient is obtained by heating one side of the sample and fitting the slope of the measured thermovoltage versus the applied temperature difference.

– Resistances and thermovoltage are measured using the copper strands of the four T type thermocouples, while the local temperatures are measured using the copper and constantan strands of each individual thermocouple.

– If the sample thickness is known, the thermoelectric power factor S² σ can be calculated.

– Data is acquired using a Keithley 2400 SourceMeter that is controlled via GPIB by a Raspberry Pi single-board computer.


Lab: Optical Lab

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