Hall Effect Measurement System

Hall Effect Measurement system HMS 5000 from Ecopia – Used to measure the sheet resistance of thin film samples using the van der Pauw method. – For inorganic (that is relatively high-mobility) samples, also allows to determine the majority charge carrier density and the mobility via the Hall effect (0.5 T permanent magnet).   Lab: […]

Characterization of the Thermoelectric Power Factor

  Custom-built setup to measure Seebeck coefficient and sheet resistance of thin-film samples. – The sheet resistance is determined using the van der Pauw method, by measuring all permutations of 4-point resistances between the sample corners. – The Seebeck coefficient is obtained by heating one side of the sample and fitting the slope of the […]

Nanoimprint tool

The CNI v2.0 is a flexible nanoimprint tool. It offers thermal and UV nanoimprint and imprinting in vacuum if needed.  It handles all shapes and formats of stamps and substrates up to Ø100 mm (4-inch). The system has manual loading and unloading of stamp and substrate but all processing are fully automatic and the dedicated […]

Large-scale 3D printer

Model: ION V6 Z-axis resolution:  50 microns (depending on the material) Printing capabilities xyz: 300x200x200 mm. Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm Extrusor temperature: up to 300ºC Bed temperature: 25ºC-130ºC Procesable materials: PLA, ABS, Nylon… Remote control by Internet Laboratory: ChemLab Contact: Martí Gibert (

Probe station: Thermal and electrical conductivity measurements

  4 high precision needles which provide electrical access to a specimen. Integrated with a LINKAM T95 cryostat. Temperature range: from 25ºC to600 Cº.   Electrical conductivity measurements can be conducted in this system through a Keithley resistance meter or in its higher precision version using a lock-in amplifier Stanford Instruments SR-800. Thermal conductivity measurements […]

3D printer

Brand: Miicraft UV Stereolithographic printer called “Yoda” XY pixel resolution: 56 microns. Z-axis resolution: 50 microns. Printed resolution is larger. Responsible: Xabier Rodriguez (

Solar Simulator

AAA Solar Simulator conforming to the AM1.5G spectrum (SAN-EI Electric, XES-100S1). Irradiation is calibrated to 1000 W m-2 using a NREL certified Si reference cell (Oriel Instruments, 91150V) Homogeneous illumination area of 100X100mm. Laboratory: Nanotechnology Contact: Mariano Campoy-Quiles (

Laser Beam Induced Current (LBIC)

Light Beam Induced Current (LBIC) is custom-made system for measuring photocurrent locally. Illumination range 400-800nm @1-3mW/frequency. Spatial Resolution 30μm. Max scan area at once of 25x50mm.   Laboratory: Nanotechnology Responsible: Mariano Campoy-Quiles (

External Quantum Efficiency (EQE)

  External Quantum Efficiency (EQE) Consists on a custom-built setup.  Light source: a stabilized xenon lamp or supercontinuum LASER. Monochromator (Horiba microHR). 1nm spectral resolution. A beamsplitter (Thorlabs BPD254-G) allows for the excitation light to simultaneously illuminate the sample and a photodiode connected to a power meter (Thorlabs S120VC & PM100A). Current is acquired using […]


Glove box workstation Brand: MBRAUN 200B ECO Modular glove box workstation N₂ with leak rate <0.05 vol%h (acc. iso 10648-2). Two glove box interconnected called “Gilda”. Four gloves box contains an integrated spin coater, a blade coater and one precision balance. Three glove box is for dry processes, and includes a metal evaporator with two […]