Nanoimprint tool

The CNI v2.0 is a flexible nanoimprint tool. It offers thermal and UV nanoimprint and imprinting in vacuum if needed.  It handles all shapes and formats of stamps and substrates up to Ø100 mm (4-inch). The system has manual loading and unloading of stamp and substrate but all processing are fully automatic and the dedicated software gives the user full control of the imprint process.


  • Easy replication of micro and nanoscale structures
  • Thermal imprint up to 200C
  • UV NIL with 365 nm exposure
  • Imprint in vacuum (evacuation of imprint chamber down to 0.1 mbar)
  • Imprint pressure up to 10 bar
  • Very uniform temperature distribution and highly accurate read-out (absolute value)

Laboratory: Chemistry

Contact: Cristiano Matricardi (

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