External Quantum Efficiency (EQE)

  External Quantum Efficiency (EQE) Consists on a custom-built setup.  Light source: a stabilized xenon lamp or supercontinuum LASER. Monochromator (Horiba microHR). 1nm spectral resolution. A beamsplitter (Thorlabs BPD254-G) allows for the excitation light to simultaneously illuminate the sample and a photodiode connected to a power meter (Thorlabs S120VC & PM100A). Current is acquired using […]


Glove box workstation Brand: MBRAUN 200B ECO Modular glove box workstation N₂ with leak rate <0.05 vol%h (acc. iso 10648-2). Two glove box interconnected called “Gilda”. Four gloves box contains an integrated spin coater, a blade coater and one precision balance. Three glove box is for dry processes, and includes a metal evaporator with two […]

Hydrostatic high-pressure techniques

                For optical spectroscopy measurements at very high hydrostatic pressures up to 25 GPa (1 GPa= 10.000 bar) we employ a gasketed diamond anvil cell (DAC) of Syassen/Holzapfel type and a liquid pressure transmitting medium (typically a 4:1 methanol/ethanol mixture). High pressure experiments can be carried out also […]

Scanning near-field optical microscope (SNOM)

  The Aurora-3 near-field scanning optical microscope (SNOM) system manufactured by Veeco Instruments offers best near-field optical characterization and contrast mechanisms, with the high resolution of scanning probe microscopy techniques (80 to 150 nm). This system overcomes the optical diffraction limit that restricts the resolution of even confocal microscopy. This resolution breakthrough applies to imaging […]


The micro-Raman setup consists mainly of a high-throughput, high-resolution Jobin-Yvon LabRam HR800 grating spectrometer combined with a confocal microscope for optical studies using diverse experimental techniques like Raman scattering and photoluminescence (PL). Spectral range: Near infrared (1.7 µm) up to 400 nm. Spatial resolution: 1 µm Optical measurements at low T: (10 to 300 K) also possible using […]

Combined Raman imaging and AFM system

Brand: Witec alpha300RA Description: Integration time as low as 10 ms per point Measures either in continuum or point by point Confocality < 1 micron Lateral resolution: diffraction limited Co-locality between large (squared cms) and small images (squared mcrons) within ca 1 micron Excitation wavelengths: 355 nm, 488 nm, 532 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm […]

FTIR VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer

Brand: BRUKER Description Attached to optical microscope Reflectance and Transmittance from 0.4mm (25000cm-1) up to 25mm (400cm-1) Microscope with available spatial masks to inspect R and T at specific areas of interest Features linear polarizers and webcam Laboratory: Nanotechnology Contact: Agustín Mihi (

Integrating Sphere and USB spectrophotometer

Integrated Reflectance and Transmittance from 0.4mm up to 1mm Fiber coupled spectrophotometer Ocean Optics FLAME S-VIS-NIR Acquisition software Ocean View Laboratory: Nanotechnology Contact: Agustín Mihi (

White laser

Supercontinuum 4W laser source (Fianium) with a spectral range from 400nm until 2400nm, for visible and near-infrared applications. The laser source is attached to spatial filters enabling the selection of any wavelength from VIS to NIR with an average spectral power density of 2mW/nm and 60dB Out-of-Band Suppression. Unpolarized light with great power stability (less […]

Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Description Ultra-high vacuum system (Omicron) composed of Fast-entry-lock chamber and main chamber for MBE deposition on up to 10cm wafers. RHEED e-source (30 kV, Staib) and screen on lead glass. Materials Si and Ge n and p-type dopant sources Laboratory:  MBE Lab Responsible: Isabel Alonso (