The micro-Raman setup consists mainly of a high-throughput, high-resolution Jobin-Yvon LabRam HR800 grating spectrometer combined with a confocal microscope for optical studies using diverse experimental techniques like Raman scattering and photoluminescence (PL).

  • Spectral range: Near infrared (1.7 µm) up to 400 nm.
  • Spatial resolution: 1 µm
  • Optical measurements at low T: (10 to 300 K) also possible using a gas-flow cryostat from CryoVac that fits under the microscope of the micro-Raman spectrometer.

It consists in a filter stage with a dynamic holder for interchanging several notch filters for different laser wavelengths: 488 and 514.5 nm from an air-cooled Ar-ion laser, 632.5 nm from a He-Ne laser and 785 nm from a solid-state laser. The microscope is further equipped with a remote controlled x-y stage allowing to perform line scans automatically. The characteristics of this spectrometer are, on the one hand, its high spectral resolution due to a large focal length of 800 mm and three gratings for the IR and visible range (1800, 600 and 950 lines/mm) and, on the other hand, its high sensitivity due to low-noise, high quantum efficiency silicon CCD detector for the visible spectral range and a single-channel InGaAs photodiode for the near IR.

Laboratory: Nanotechnology

Contact: Alejandro Goñi (

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