Combined Raman imaging and AFM system

Brand: Witec alpha300RA


  • Integration time as low as 10 ms per point
  • Measures either in continuum or point by point
  • Confocality < 1 micron
  • Lateral resolution: diffraction limited
  • Co-locality between large (squared cms) and small images (squared mcrons) within ca 1 micron
  • Excitation wavelengths: 355 nm, 488 nm, 532 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm
  • Two spectrometers and two cameras for fast speed and high quantum efficiency detection from UV to NIR.
  • 6 different gratings to choose between high spectral resolution Raman or photoluminescence imaging
  • Integrated AFM head for co-local imaging
  • Chromatic optical profilometer (resolution in z of 100 nm)

Laboratory: Nanotechnology

Responsible: Mariano Campoy Quiles (

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