Our research group has a new Youtube Channel

Nanopto jumps on the bandwagon of using one the most popular techniques for scientific outreach: Youtube Last month, the Youtube channel for the Nanopto group was created. We already have several videos showing the insides of the laboratories and the techniques employed by us in our daily work, or explaining the tricks and tips of some really useful software used daily by some of us.  The aim of the channel is to keep creating content related either to tutorials on how to use scientific software, or showing the most interesting part of the laboratory work that our researchers and students realize everyday at ICMAB. Also, we will upload some of the theses defenses that we have recorded.


In this project, so far have participated five of our members: Adrián Francisco López, Alex Perevedentsev, Paula Pamies Puig, Miquel Casademont and Kai Xu. Thank you for the good work, and keep the videos coming!


Here you can see the full Nanopto channel content so far (As of 16/09/2020):


Aleksandr Perevedentsev & Gus RegaladoSchematic illustration of the molecular gate concept. Supplementary Movie 1



Adrián Francisco





Paula PamiésFabrication of organic solar cells with thickness gradients



Miquel CasademontUpscaling Carbon nanotube based TEG with a spray coater. (Featuring his own music band, Despit)



Adrián Francisco & Kai XuGasket Preparation and DAC closing for high pressure experiments.




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