Scanning near-field optical microscope (SNOM)


The Aurora-3 near-field scanning optical microscope (SNOM) system manufactured by Veeco Instruments offers best near-field optical characterization and contrast mechanisms, with the high resolution of scanning probe microscopy techniques (80 to 150 nm). This system overcomes the optical diffraction limit that restricts the resolution of even confocal microscopy. This resolution breakthrough applies to imaging and nanoscale spectroscopy based on the polarization, fluorescence, and absorption signal collection in both transmission and reflection modes. Incorporating tuning-fork technology and a host of open-architecture design features, the Aurora-3 SNOM provides ease of use and research platform flexibility. The SNOM microscope is coupled to a Jobin Yvon Micro-HR grating spectrometer equipped with a photomultiplier that enables optical spectroscopy for the near field as well as for the far field.


Laboratory: Nanotechnology

Contact: Alejandro Goñi (

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