International patent filled for a new nanostructured polymer position sensitive photodetector

Researchers at ICMAB-CSIC in collaboration with IMDEA Nanociencia have developed a new device for the continuous and accurate detection of the position of an incident light beam, with potential to sense longer displacements and/or fabricate sensors with large dimensions. This photodetector is based on laterally nanostructured organic semiconductors that have many attractive features characteristic of plastic materials such as low cost, flexibility and light weight. These devices typically fulfill all specifications for practical application that means high efficiency, wide dynamic range and long average life time. Moreover, they are easy to process.


Japan-Spain Symposium on Nanostructured Organic Photovoltaics
Where and when? Barcelona, 15th June 2011
To engage in detailed discussions about recent results regarding science and technology in organic photovoltaic within the framework of the collaboration between JAIST and ICMAB-CSIC and the inputs from international experts.
Sala de Actos Carles Miravitlles, Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), Campus Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Bellaterra, 08193, Spain
Attendance On invitation only.

Juan Sebastian Reparaz obtained the “Extraordinary PhD Award”

The “Extraordinary Award of the PhD in Physics” from the Autonomous University of Barcelona for the period 2008/2009 was granted to Dr. Juan S. Reparaz. He performed and defended his PhD thesis entitled “Optical Properties of Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Nanostructures under High Pressure ” at the “Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC)” under the supervision of Prof. Alejandro R. Goñi and Dr. M. I. Alonso. After concluding his PhD thesis he moved as a Post-doctoral Researcher to the “Berlin Technical University (Germany)” into the group led by Prof. Axel Hoffmann and Prof. Christian Thomsen for a period of two years. Presently, he returned to the ICMAB-CSIC where he works within the Department of Nanostructured Materials.