Research Lines

Organic-Inorganic Thermoelectrics

We aim at strongly contribute towards the development of cost-efective and efficient thermoelectric generators based on abundant and non-toxic materials. Thermoelectric materials convert heat into electricity and so they could be the power elements of small devices in the internet of things, for wearable applications, as well as for sensors. Moreover, they could also increase […]

Photonic Architectures for Light Management

This research line focuses in three aspects: The investigation of the fundaments behind the enhanced light-matter interaction observed in devices that use wave optics components. The development of fabrication routes for large area and low cost photonic and plasmonic structures using techniques similar to those employed in industry, so they could be easily incorporated in […]

Organic Solar Cells

We aim at producing strong contributions towards the development of cost-efective, low energy pay back time photovoltaics based on abundant and non-toxic materials. The two pillars of our research are the use of advanced spectroscopic techniques and targeted  processing schemes. Our novel processing schemes enable fine control over desired properties, including crystallinity/packing, molecular orientation, as […]