Learning Corner


Fityk is a very useful and easy to use program for data processing and nonlinear curve fitting. It is free and you can download it from the webpage of the developer.   Here we present you three video-tutorials to master this software, you can watch them here or visit the Nanopto Youtube channel where you […]

Raman Spectroscopy

The Raman effect was discovered simultaneously by Raman and Krishnan1, and by Landsberg and Mandelstam2 in 1928. It was Raman, however, who was awarded with a Nobel prize in 1930 for its discovery.     The effect consists in the shift in frequency of a small fraction of the light scattered by a sample. This […]


Luminescence is electromagnetic radiation (light) emitted from a material in a non-equilibrium state. That is, radiation different than the one emitted by a black body in thermodynamic equilibrium according to Planck’s law1.   In order to bring the system out of equilibrium, it is necessary to apply an external excitation energy to it. This energy […]

Adrian’s thesis presentation template

In this template, Dr. Adrian Francisco-López shares with us the template of the pptx used in his thesis defendence. Plus, he gives us a few tips and tricks to make the PowerPoint look smooth and personalized.